Retreats // Remembering Our True Nature Through Poetry, Meditation, and Movement

September, 2023 - 4 nights

With John Brehm & Alice Boyd

Alton L Collins Retreat Center

Eagle Creek, OR


Beneath the layers of habit and conditioning, beneath the strategies we devise and the identities we construct to feel safe in the world, there is an untainted essence, a mysterious and ever-present awareness that is our true nature. But for most of us, most of the time, we lose touch with this naturally awakened state. We live from the fearful ego rather than the open heart.

In this five day retreat, we’ll explore three related practices—Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons, guided meditations, and mindful poetry discussions—to help us remember and stay rooted in a felt sense of who we really are. When we live in alignment with our innate wisdom, we regain a sense of ease and peace that is profoundly nourishing, not just for us but for the field of consciousness we all share.

We’ll also be adding some writing practices to this retreat, but sharing your writing will always be optional.


Rates (4 nights & 12 meals)

Single Room: $750
Double Room: $600/person
Teaching offered by donation

*No one will be turned away for financial reasons; please contact us to discuss if needed.;