“Alice prefaced a recent group session by remarking on the way our minds interact with our bodily self-images. The next day, while sitting at my desk trying to quiet my anxious mind, I had a Eureka moment. As far back as I can remember, my physical body has felt like a shameful part of me that made me anxious to think about. But what if the reverse is true? What if my body’s “on my side” and not just some clumsy hindrance? What if it’s my ally in the effort to calm my mind? Fearful I would lose this comforting insight overnight, the next morning I did a few small Feldenkrais moves and was reassured. I also understood for the first time why the poses don’t push us to our limits. Pushing now feels like dominating—exerting mental “will” over one’s body. Instead, it feels good to invite my body to be a full participant in my daily activities. Rather than be annoyed when I have to reach for a cooking pot in a bottom drawer or perform some other awkward movement, it’s fun to stop and ask my “new friend”: How would you do this, body? I then relax into the motion, give up anxious mental control, and follow along. I wish I’d discovered this helpful partnership decades ago. Self-condemnation is muted now, replaced by a much nicer state of being!

—Martha R

Nurturing, Healing, and Relaxing. Alice is fantastic. I had recently been in an accident, and my session with Alice was helpful to my body and relaxing for my mind. I'm very happy with how I felt afterwards, the pain had decreased, and it was the most relaxed I had been in months. It felt great to move and walk, with a grounded, relaxed sensation. Thank you”

—Ben H

How Fortunate. Alice brings not only her knowledge of Feldenkrais but her personal sensitivity to each session. I fell and compromised ligaments in my lower back--couldn't walk or stand without severe pain. After the first session with Alice I could feel a shift in my energy, and after my second session, even more of a shift. And less pain! I plan to work with Alice and learn even more from her.”

—Andrea H

“You can't coach that. Along with her impeccable professional therapeutic skills, Alice has the rare gift of intuitive touch. This cannot be taught.”

—Steve L

“I had little background with Feldenkrais before my recent sessions with Alice Boyd. My body experiences recurrent and debilitating pain from fibromyalgia, neuropathy and connective tissue disorder. Alice took time to listen to what goes on for me, then began work in a very gentle way, explaining the treatment to me when needed, learning from my feedback how to proceed, moving from treating my most painful area, my feet, to my neck and shoulders. I meditate, so Alice enlisted my natural abilities in the process, encouraging me to attend to the sensations and shifts in my body. When I stood up from the table I was amazed at how free my body was of pain and - even more interesting - how integrated and light and embodied my awareness was. The effects lasted for hours. The next day I felt less pain too. It was as if my awareness was happy to be in my body again. I want to attend some of her group classes in order to enrich and complement the 1-1 sessions. I highly recommend Alice's work. She is a real healer.”

—David F

EXCELLENT! Alice is personable, knowledgable, punctual and passionate about what she does. Also, having been through her own journey with ballet and it's associated aches and pains she has experienced the benefits of Feldenkrais first hand!. She is an insightful student of the human body and the human condition. I would recommend Alice to friends and family.”

—Tim C

Comforting and Supportive. I'm so grateful for my session with Alice and look forward to sharing her work with others. I've taken group lessons with Alice as well and find the Feldenkrais method, and her particular grace and intelligence in the work, to be a highly effective method of achieving alignment, in the body as well as with one's emotions and mind. Highly recommended.”

—Satya B

What I have been looking for! This changes my attitude to my relationship with my injured body, it gives me hope that I can experience a better way to be physical as I age. A marvellous experience with a beautiful and caring woman.”

—Clare W

More, please! My session with Alice was excellent. So relaxing and subtle while on the table. Afterwards I could feel all sorts of shifts in my body and loved the sense that fresh energy was flowing through previously stiff and achey areas. I took Alice's advise and had a salt bath. Then I was cooked! Slept deeply and woke feeling very revived. Thanks, Alice!”

—Jeana E

“What I've been looking for for many years. Working with Alice was a profound privilege and pleasure. In the first 10 minutes of her working just on my left foot up to the knee I could feel a big difference in how free and loose the joints were, instead of bound up as a disconnected lump. Standing up I felt a big difference in how my body was put together just from that. I walked to my car without my left foot hurting for the first time in months. I went straight from there to her class and got to feel the same thing through most of my body. The class was deeply meditative and relaxing, but also a lot of fun for me. It felt like being reintroduced to my body, I had better hip rotation afterwards, my feet actually had arches again. The list goes on. Alice has a skilled and subtle approach, knowing where and how to work one on one with precision, but also leading classes with clear and smooth instruction, giving help to each individual as they need it. It was very good luck finding Alice, and I'm sure I'll be back! Thank you Alice.”

—Corey W

“I've tried many modalities with many different practitioners—all with the intention of bringing about some change for my sensitive and easily irked body. Most forms of bodywork are too deep for me—my muscles respond, but then immediately go back to their old habits once I leave the table. With the Feldenkrais Method, it's not just about immediate relief, but about "retraining" the neural pathways (if I'm understanding it correctly) to allow the body to shed it's old habits and find it's way to ease. I'm on board. Alice is a calming, patient, masterful practitioner. I feel light and grounded when I leave her table, and the results—which can be subtle—are also lasting. I can't recommend her enough!”

—Sadie M

“The Feldenkrais method is about reconnecting with our natural abilities to move, think, and feel. I have found the Feldenkrais method to provide profound result, with minimal effort. I have worked with Alice in both a group setting and more recently in a private session. After each session, either group or private, you simply walk away with less effort, and feeling tremendously better. I highly recommend anyone try the Feldenkrias method for general wellbeing or for a medical reason. With Alice’s professional and healing touch, you will get a lot out of just one session.”

—Brett R

“Following just TWO sessions together, I've been able to again discover much lacking balance and harmony of the mind, body and spirit! After gentle scans -- following a trail of metaphoric "bread crumbs" -- Alice knew precisely where to find each "stuck" area of the body and approach beginning the process of healing them. Immediately after the session and throughout the coming days and week, I have the sense that my standing, sitting and laying more relaxed, and my perception of the world has become increasingly open and receptive; I can hear, feel and smell my environment more acutely! I am just so, SO utterly impressed and recommend all of my loved ones to see her. Thank you, Alice!!!”

—John K

“I've received many forms of bodywork, and none have created the lasting physical ease and shifts in awareness like my sessions with Alice have. When I signed up for a series of individual lessons, I'd already been taking group Awareness Through Movement classes with Alice for over a year. I thought I knew what the experience would be like. The individual lessons were a completely new level. Alice is such a skilled practitioner and the approach is so gentle and subtle that it was easy and enjoyable to let her guide the experience of my body. While the approach is subtle, the effect on the deeper layers of my body habits and patterns was intense. I've not experienced that degree of opening and lasting change to my overall structure from any other form of work. Both the individual and group lessons have developed a new and nuanced intelligence within my own body. I no longer believe in the physical limitations I had been convinced of for many years.”

—Mary K

“I am always very pleasantly surprised by how I feel after my functional integration sessions with Alice. In addition to making my pain or discomfort disappear, the sessions show me new degrees of ease in my body in ways that I didn't know previously were not at ease. As someone who has had many injuries that have interfered with my ability to do so many forms of movement and exercise, I find these sessions and the ATM classes Alice teaches to give me so much hope that I have a way to keep my body fluid and functional.”

—Laura W

“This kind of bodywork makes me feel more connected to my center. At the end of a session I feel lighter and more integrated in my body. Alice is so easy to work with. She is warm and offers a comfortable atmosphere to allow for the release of tension and finding more ease. I love this way of working and I recommend it to anyone who wants to inhabit their body more fully.”

—Amy N

“I had the extreme pleasure of having Alice do several "hands-on" lessons with me. There is a beauty to Alice's gentle touch. As she skillfully and sensitively worked with my body, I felt wonderful releases of energy as well as deep serenity. Remarkably, those feelings stayed with me well beyond the lessons. I so appreciate Alice's approach which is highly professional, hugely respectful, obviously knowledgeable and so sweet. I always felt like I was in such good hands! She is one practitioner I would absolutely recommend.”

—Ned R

“Alice skillfully guided me through my first Feldenkrais session. Although I was uncertain how I would experience the work, Alice offered me a great balance of information as well as space to feel the effects for myself. She has the rare abilities to connect, create the right environment for change, and teach. Feldenkrais with Alice has given me a new avenue of self discovery.”

—Amy S